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14 January 2009 - Version 6.1

• Grouped edition of notes.
• Notes in hint bubbles in the index when exporting (Plus version).
• Access to help in Vista.
• List view was wrong when the whole size was above 2GB.
• Improved address bar.
• Show/Hide commands of the Information view were not responding in some cases.
• Since version 6.01, attached files weren't downloaded on analysis.
• With IE7, when downloading a new page, attached files weren't shown in the page after being downloaded.

17 March 2008 - Version 6.02

• The installation doesn't move anymore the data files when they are in the Program Files folder.
In case of an update, Wysigot searches for the database first in the executable's folder, then in the local AppData folder, and finally in the non local ("roaming") AppData folder.
In case of a new install, the database is installed in the local AppData of the current user.

25 February 2008 - Version 6.01

• Editing include/exclude links in grouped properties was sometimes ignored.
• When Wysigot is installed in the default folder (program files), the data files are stored in the standard AppData folder. In case of an installation in another folder, it remains as before: everything is in Wysigot's folder to facilitate transfers between different computers. This was needed for Windows Vista.
• Some bugs fixed and enhancements.

9 September 2006 - Version 6.0

• Compressed import and export of the whole database or part of it.
• Alarms can be triggered only if enough content words have changed.
• Alarm parameters now have their own tab.
• Now works with IE7.
• Html export: handling of the case when a file and a folder share the same name.
• Advanced search : after some calls, the display window did not always load fully.
• Fixed truncated html display when a page contained a null character.
• In the Plus version, possibility of masking the name of Wysigot in the requests to the servers..
• The message "this alarm already exists "when editing the properties sometimes appeared with no reason.
•The default type for the file who's type is unknown is now text and not html.
• Identifiers and passwords with some special characters didn't work.
• Uncontrolled updates of certain pages has been corrected.
• "Save as... " was not working with some file names.
• The minimum refreshment delay is now really 1 minute.

7 February 2005 - Version 5.51

• Conditional alarms: when the mouse if above the icon in the alarm list, found keywords are shown in a hint.
• Somes addresses (eBay...) didn't work because of an encoding error in their URLs.
• The search window and the pictures in the assistants had wrong size when large policies were used.
• Advanced search didn't want to run anymore after some searches.
• The export function was not rebuilding relative links if their URLs was using the # character.
• In some pages, special characters didn't show correctly.
• Better RAM management.
• It is no more possible to drop an element at the same level as an agent.
• Highlighting enhanced.

18 September 2004 - Version 5.5

• Changes in the refresh parameters: "Systematic" and"Scheduled" become"Periodic". This implies a packing operation on this version's first run (structural change in the database), and the impossibility then to come back to any version prior to this one. For security, even if Wysigot saves the database before each packing operation, you should backup you data before this installation.
• The context menu above another element than the one selected didn't worked as expected.
• Since version 5.3, the highlighting mode was not very precise.
• Since version 5.3 there was no choice of proxy and connection type on first install.
• Wysigot doesn't try anymore to modify the date of the day returned by Javascript (New Date()). This was allowing to escape some untimely advertisings, but was inducing freeze in some scripts. Put these advertisings in the black list to avoid them.
• Wysigot is now available in Swedish, the program and the help have been translated.

5 July 2004 - Version 5.4

• Tabbed navigation.
• After a hidden script error (after Wysigot has closed an add popup for example), scripts were not working anymore until the internal html view was closed.
• Print preview (Plus version).
• Balloon hint on the task bar when an alarm is raised and Wysigot minimized.
• The selected element was unselected when it's parent was closed.
• Shortcut keys work better to move in the trees.
• Fast search in ftp documents (texts or folders) was never finding.
• A memory leak fixed.

21 April 2004 - Version 5.3

• Conditional alarms (Wysigot Plus only).
• Advanced search now accepts expressions with spaces, enclosed between quotation marks.
• Wysigot can now handle local folders (as it does for ftp folders).
• Wysigot is now translated in polish.
• Now impossible to have attached files on ftp sites, this could lead to problems.
• "Open in associated program" was sometimes opening the wrong link.
• Export: prohibited characters under Windows are now replaced with "_" and not spaces (this could create folders named with a blank, hard to delete under Windows 2000 or XP).
• Wysigot now checks for each downloaded document that its type is really the one indicated by the server.
• Some positioning problems with more than one monitor are fixed.
• Display speed optimized.
• Improved stability.

28 January 2004 - Version 5.22

• Several new looks available, better theme handling under XP, interface refined.
• Alarm and search windows can now be moved anywhere.
• An error could raise on closing Wysigot, when many local files were refreshed simultaneously.
• The automatic refresh of the download list was including some files that didn't need to be refreshed (unread files...).
• No more "Apollo.dll missing" error on Wysigot's start, with some languages like Portuguese.
• "Source" and "Save as" now apply to the selected version of the file.
• No more automatic updates in the Light version.
• "Only urgent documents" was not working as it should have.

2 December 2003 - Version 5.21

• In some circumstances, the capture assistant window was hidden on program start, needing to hit Alt-Tab twice to "unlock" Wysigot.
• Buttons to zoom in the integrated browser (needs at least Internet Explorer 5.5).
• Can play a sound when an alarm is triggered.
• No more crash some time after a page with an erroneous Flash file was displayed.
• No more infinite loop when "next unread" was asked while Wysigot's welcome page was displayed.
• On a slow computer, some huge pages could be incompletely displayed.

24 November 2003 - Version 5.2

• New protocol handled: file://. Allows you to manage any file on your local network or on your compouter, as internet files: highlighting, alarms, backups...
• Drag & drop of files, shortcuts and links from external softwares.
• Highlighting now works for text files (not only html files).
• Better handling of aborted downloads, when they are redirected.
• XML/XSL are shown in the integrated browser.
• Frames now have a distinct icon.
• No more internal memory leaks.
• Speed increased.

6 October 2003 - Version 5.13

• Context menu when mouse is over missing links.
• In Wysigot 5.12, somes pages frequently had "aborted" status.
• Wysigot was sometimes locking when refreshing html display.

24 September 2003 - Version 5.12

• Smart new documents names (try to click on new links holding Shift key).
• When you delete an element, its URL is added to its parent's exlude list, instead of setting the parent's depth to 0.

13 September 2003 - Version 5.11

• FTP now uses passive mode, to avoid problems with firewalls.
• The direct search within pages didn't work for some pages and for the documents' old versions.
• Some links had no effect, some popups were unwanted.
• Better Javascript handling.
• "Post" requests work better.
• Printing enhanced.
• Many other enhancements.

29 August 2003 - Version 5.1

• Wysigot can now ignore minor changes in the pages, like the date of the day or the number of visits.
• Possibility to delete some old or new versions of your documents.
• Pages can avoid transmitting their properties to their children: useful for periodically refreshed pages of which links must be downloaded only once (Plus version only).
• The property "Print as soon as modified" is now inheritable.
• Can now print all the selected documents at once.
• Better handling of forms with redirections (search engines...).
• The script debugger should not appear anymore on some configurations.
• Some forms results (posts) could not be displayed.
• The black list search was sometimes locking Wysigot.
• The restart of aborted downloads of large files was sometimes restarting at the beginning.
• The highlighting mode status is now saved on exit.
• Printing was impossible in some cases since the previous update.

28 July 2003 - Version 5.024

• The list of the unread alarms was garbled after compacting.

26 July 2003 - Version 5.023

• Some links or buttons under the mouse were ineffective.
• Somes pages were sometimes locking Wysigot.
• Packing could accidentally delete attached files in use, if done while downloads.
• The Del and Backspace keys were not working in the search edit field.
• Information view enhanced for IE4.

10 July 2003 - Version 5.022

• Highlighting sometimes forgot to mark some modified texts.
• Keyboards shortcuts were sometimes repeated twice.
• Attached files are downloading in the same order as they appear in the pages.
• Html pages are analyzed faster.

1 July 2003 - Version 5.021

• Wysigot's help is now translated in english.
• In some configurations, clicks on some links did not work.
• Pages are refreshed better when their attached files are being downloaded, or when Wysigot finds them in Internet Explorer's cache.
• Some forms (Post) where badly managed in version 5.02.
• Better management of the redirections: some pages that didn't appear are displayed now.
• A date error in the scripts has been fixed.
• Opening/closing of agents during downloads has been enhanced.

12 June 2003 - Version 5.02

• New faster display method that does not need Internet Explorer not to be in "work offline" mode anymore. (You can swap with the former method in the Preferences)
• Refreshment of the display, navigation and display of the former versions is easier.
• New button that indicates whether or not to follow clicked links when they are downloaded.
• The mouse-wheel only scrolls the document which is underneath it.
• HTTP sites protected by a password behave better.
• The appearance of the Information view was improved.
• "Properties" button was added to a toolbar.
• Hints were not properly sized.
• Renaming an agent is forbidden during downloading (this could lead to loosing some of the downloaded data, but not their parameters).
• Some pages would not automatically be marked as unread.
• Better management of the ftp.

6 May 2003 - Version 5.01

• Improved display refreshment whilst browsing the frames during their downloading.
• Highlighting of anything new sometimes left too many characters at the end of the pages, which could lead to blockages.
• In the contextual menu, the viewing of older versions was sometimes impossible.
• Clicks in the links of the ftp folders took time to respond; folders protected by passwords were inaccessible. This will gradually correct itself when the folders are refreshed.
• The alarm list sometimes disappeared when one clicked to enlarge it.
• The download progress status bars were not very well updated.

28 April 2003 - Version 5.0

• Wysigot is no longer in beta version. Now there are 2 versions, Wysigot Light and Wysigot Plus.
• The menu entries "Select all" and "Copy" never worked correctly.
• Correction in the input of usernames and passwords in the properties.
• The "attached files" view sometimes forgot to list some page's files.
• Various graphic improvements.

17 April 2003 - Version 5.0b991

• Coloured icons to signal new alarms when Wysigot is reduced.
Wysigot can be reduced to an icon in the task bar (Preferences, Miscellaneous).
• Improved refreshment display when Wysigot is recovering elements in the IE cache.
• "Save and restore" page in help.

12 April 2003 - Version 5.0b99

• Taking into consideration the improvements, in comparison with eCatch 3, Wysigot upgrades to version 5.
• The selection of attached files sometimes selected the element in the tree structure.
• Initialization in Windows 95 improved.
• In "preferences", the options of minimum and maximum delays for refreshments were not safeguarded.
• Home page, icons and other various improvements.

26 March 2003 - Version 4.0b98

• Home page, tips and tricks
• Automatic update of Wysigot.

9 Mars 2003 - Version 4.0b971

• The export folder choice button did not work.

6 March 2003 - Version 4.0b97

• Export implemented.
• Print in the command menu didn't always work.
• Various other improvements

6 Febuary 2003 - Version 4.0b96

• Important improvements: re-try poorly managed documents.
Wysigot also becomes a document server for other web applications, in order to speed them up.
• Javascript functions that return a random number and the current date are corrected in order to return a constant number and a constant date.
• Error after the interruption of documents's downloading fixed.

11 December 2002 - Version 4.0b95

• No more risk of loosing an agent whilst moving it.
• Improved management of the black list.
• Improvements in the "Refreshment" tab in properties index.
• Reindexing is carried out at the time of update, it is normal.

1 December 2002 - Version 4.0b942
30 November 2002 - Version 4.0b941
25 November 2002 - Version 4.0b94

• First version with documentation.

May 1999 - eCatch 3
June 1998 - eCatch 2
October 1997 - iCatch 1

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