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Wysigot is far more than just a simple off-line browser!
(Soon it will be your favorite browser!)

What Wysigot can do for you

  • It captures the entire contents of your sites, with their scripts, flashes, cookies etc., but offers numerous other functions as well.

  • It monitors your pages and sites, and alerts you to anything new.

  • For example Wysigot can monitor your weather pages, mail box, the stock exchange, the television programme, a software update or search results. As soon as one of these pages is modified it will appear in the alarm list.

  • One click and the page is instantly displayed, any changes within the page are highlighted in yellow.

  • Wysigot gets straight to the point and gains you precious time.

  • Users of a standard modem will appreciate being able to download and update all at the same time, and to browse within the pages, click on links and fill-in forms without caring whether they are connected or not.

  • Wysigot adapts: you can simply indicate addresses and it does the rest for you, or you can choose to define very precisely the parameters of each page's behavior (cookies, scripts, following links, refreshment etc.).

  • You can, of course, organize the thousands of pages that you download however you like, move them, delete them, rename them, customize them...

  • Wysigot also accelerates your computer's web applications and your local network (filtering all their contents) by becoming a proxy server.

Wysigot is made for you! You still have doubts? Read this.

Discover its Features, Screen shots and download it!

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