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    Wysigot was created in May 1998 under the name of eCatch then WebCapture, distributed at the time respectively by La Mine and Xelios before becoming Wysigot as you now know it.

    Since it started, the aim of the software has not changed: to offer you intelligent browser which allows you to manage the internet better.


  • Vincent Morelle
    (Director and developer)
    Contact Vincent with questions concerning the software.

  • Christophe Dessard
    (Technical and commercial advisor)
    Contact Christophe about distribution.

  • Yves Convert
    (Responsible for contents, graphics and promotion)
    Contact Yves concerning graphics and the internet site.

  • Séverine Convert
    (Webmaster, responsible for secure payment system)
    Contact Séverine with problems encountered with the site.

  • Marc Morelle
    (program tester, ideas)

  • Thank you
    to everyone who has, or who continues to collaborate with us:
    Cyrille Ecarnot (Logo), Rémi Blondeau, Dominique Dijoux, and all the users who regularly share their expectations and problems with us, who brought about Wysigot.

    La Tuilerie
    33580 St Sulpice de Guilleragues
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