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By completing this questionnaire you will help us to improve Wysigot and better respond to your needs. Thank you.

The questionnaire is anonymous, but if you want us to answer, please give us your email address:

To know you better

    1. I am connected to the internet by:

    2. What experience do you have as an internet user?

    3. How did you find out about Wysigot?

To respond to your needs

    4 - What do you use Wysigot for?
    I use Wysigot for:

    I don't use Wysigot

    5 - When you use, Wysigot does it meet your requirements?

    About our web site

    6 - You find the information:

    7 - Page downloading time?

    8 - Did visiting our site make you want to try Wysigot?

    The programme

    9 - Have you downloaded the free version? (Wysigot Light)

    10 - Have you bought the complete version? (Wysigot Plus)

    11 - In your opinion, what is Wysigot's main asset?

    12 - What is its weakest point?

    13 - What improvements would you like to see in the next version?

    14 - The licence for Wysigot Plus costs 31.77, do you think the price is:

    15 - Can you tell the difference between the free version,"Light", and the complete version, "Plus"?

    16 - If yes, does the difference justifies the purchase of a licence?

    17 - Have you had to ask for technical support?

    18 - If yes, were you satisfied with the answers to your questions?

    19 - Would you recommend Wysigot to your friends, colleagues or acquaintances?

    Please use this space if you would like to leave us a message:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

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